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Music consultancy Services (MCS)

Introduction: Music learning before and after computer technology / Information Technology.

Before the introduction of computer technology learning music was restricted with few learners due to some constrains like to learn to play a particular music instrument and to find a good teacher and to cope with predetermined timings.The learning would also be confined to one kind of music either Western, Indian Karnatic or Hindustani, Chinese, etc. moreover many musicians were not aware of nor well versed with the knowledge of Musical Acoustics which plays a predominant role in science of music , an essential factor for the overall development and progress of music in this century.

After computer technology music learning is not only made easy but also the learners are encouraged to learn music through an universal methodology , breaking the barriers of learning western music, Chinese music or Hindustani music distinctly.

This universal methodology is devised by us and through our Music consultancy services we offer this technology to anyone interested to learn music without using any music instruments or to chase a good music teacher. They could also follow auniversal basic methodology empowering to understand any kind of world music.

As it mentioned earlier the knowledge of musical acoustics plays a prime role to set new trend in music and the learners would gain that knowledge easily through the above methodology and in turn they would also gain the knowledge, skills and abilities to play acoustic music instruments with less strain and by avoiding the lengthy period of learning through a music teacher.

Computer literates can master MIDI, music programming languages like CSOUND and synthesis of music using MICROSOUND. With the above knowledge one can develop music education, editing and entertainment related application software catering to the ever growing music market.

The above skills are related to the convergence of music and computing Technology known as Music Information Technology (MIT). If you would like to participate in MIT training and researchprogrammes please visit :

For the attention of Music Directors and composers:

Everlasting music taste of the younger generation demands innovative but enjoyable music structures from film music directors. On the other hand producers are expecting good returns for their investments but do not offer enough time to the music directors to compose pleasing music with new structures. Eventually many music directors opted to modify old structures or addicted to remix songs. has devised a new composing technique to overcome this state of affairs.

You know music composed in a computer with out using any acoustic musical instruments or human voice is known as Synthetic Music whereas the vocal music and music from acoustic instruments like violin, guitar etc are known as Acoustic music.

With the help of Music Information Technology, Music Skills devised a novelty in synthetic music through an adaptation of western score view of music into any kind of world music (either Indian / Carnatic/ chineseetc) .The melodies so composed in synthetic music will be a boon to acoustic music players to fetch perfection in their work while they play those melodies in turn since those melodies grip with perfect pitch standard, Tempo,tuning system and timpre.

In this website Synthetic Music - Demo page you could listen some melodies thatare composed in a computer without using any musical instruments. However these melodies will be improvised eventually with acoustic music and improved lyrics since we used dummy lyrics and playback singers.

For example we have composed a melody in MOZART-KARNATIC format that demonstrates how the structures in the western classical music can be used to compose wide appeal Indian melody using the above mentioned composing technique-Instrumental melody involving the sonata music structures of Mozart ( K545) and the music structures of Karnatic music in the related scale for Pallavi and Charanams.

Similarly we have composed another melody in MADONNA-KARNATIC format that demonstrates how the structures in the western pop music can be used to compose wide appeal Indian melody using the above mentioned composing technique-Instrumental melody involving the pop ‘Liveto’ music structures of Madonna and the music structures of Karnatic music in the related scale for Pallavi and Charanams.

Through consultancy services we offer the following provisions to the music directors and music composers.

  • Thousands of unused compositions in Karnatic, western, or Chinese or folk music of any country are the sources referring which, the structure to fulfil the demand of the music directors could be identified and presented to them to compose or set a new trend in music.
  • Given a situation and model tune our consultant can develop a new tune with orchestration.
  • Given a situation and a small unit of structure, pallavi and charanam could be evolved by our consultant.
  • Given a model rhythm, pop or any style, a comprehensive tune could be evolved by our consultant.
  • Ahighly aesthetic improvement could be made on a tune with orchestration by our consultant.
  • Lyrical suggestion could be given by our consultant to enhance and match the music or search for new structures to judiciously match the situation.

If you need more information about this composing technique or assistance or clarifications please do not hesitate to contact our chief consultant throEmail and discuss with him for further course of action.

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