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Music Courses

Keyboard Music for everyone to practice and play

We are in the field of Music Information Technology (MIT) and now in the progression of opening a new gateway to everyone interested in music to learn it, master it and understand the techniques of making it.

We have devised a course about "Learn to play Electronic Keyboard Music" based on MIT with a step-by-step programmed learning experience with aural and visual guidance that takes an absolute beginner to a dynamic Keyboard Musician.

We originate and introduce a new learning technique in this course by using a computer and Music Keyboard so that a student will hear the music notes for a song he is playing in his left ear and exercise his right ear to evaluate it with the accurate notes played from the computer simultaneously.

A short term career value added course in Music Information Technology (MIT)

Convergence of music and computing technology otherwise known as Music Information Technology is an innovative field for Engineering graduates to develop soft wares and other related products using IT to the meet the demands in the music education sector and entertainment industry. Music composing with MIT skills has good career scope in music industry itself. At present all kinds of jobs involving music software development and applications related to music & entertainment industry are handled by self-trained persons.

We offer a short term course in MIT for Engineering students to become properly trained persons and to take freelance or part time jobs in the world of music technology.

A short Term Course in Convergence of Music with IT based Musical Acoustics for western music teachers and learners.

We open a new arena for western music teachers and learners to progress and perform with all kinds of world music through convergence of music with IT based musical acoustics.

We have devised a career value added short term course in this new arena for them to comprehend with Carnatic notations and express them in western score view and to transform any melody in western score view into Carnatic notation. They will also gain confidence to compose a melody in a computer without using any music instruments.

They don't need to be a computer expert to join this course. Basic skills in computer are more than enough since they are going to use only few keys and the mouse.